Teen Mom

This show is a documentary on teen pregnancy.  This hour long documentary follows a teenage girl throughout her 5-7 month pregnancy.  This show demonstrates a teen's struggle through marriage, adoption, religion, gossip, finances, and rumors.  The girl's in this show are faced with adult decisions that make an impact on their future.  These girls are faced with sacraficing their high school careers.  Many of these teens have the dedication to make their lives work. 

Season one:

Maci Bookout - Maci is from Chatanooga,Tennessee. She and her boyfriend at the time, Ryan Edwards, had an unplanned pregnancy their sophomore year of high school. They got engaged, however, they broke up after they had their son Bentley. She graduated high school and enrolled in a local community college. 

Farrah Abraham - Farrah is a cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa.  During high school, she finds out she is pregnant.  Farrah only tells her two best friends about the pregnancy.  She then decides to continue high school online.  Farrah was harrased by her ex-boyfriend, and he told her to change her cell phone number.  After the birth of Sophia, she gets help from her older sister Ashley.  

Amber Portwood- Amber is a teenager from Anderson, Indiana. Gary Shirley, her boyfriend of two and a half years, helps her raise their daughter Leah Leann Shirley. They go through the ups and downs of raising their daughter especially when they learn about Leah's inflammed voice box. 

The Secret Life of an American Teenager

The Secret Life of an American Teenager is about two families who are brought together by their teen daughters unplanned pregnancies. Shailene Woodley, got her first role as Amy Juergens, a sixteen year old high school student who finds out she is pregnant after having a one night stand with Ricky Underwood. However, the show received really bad reviews when the pilot aired.

Bad Influences?
Both of these shows have a negative impact on today's teenagers.  Both shows portray a young teen mother going through the hardships of pregnancy and giving birth, and maintaining a happy healthy baby.  This is all going on while trying to finish high school, and keeping a good relationship with the father.  

Word Count: 360