Interview with Bristol Palin

Teddy Davis from Abc News: Whats your opinion on teen pregnancy?
Bristol: I believe that everyone should wait until marriage, and I really hope people learn from mine and many other teen mom's stories.  It is way easier when you are married and have the money to support a child and a home for the child. 
Teddy:What do your parents say on teen pregnancy?
Bristol: Well they don't strive for it. 
Teddy: Does Levi feel the same way about teen pregnancy?
Bristol: He feels the same way I do. Kids should just wait. It's not glamorous at all.  
Teddy: Any plans on marrying the father of your child, Levi?
Bristol: I do not plan on marrying Levi anytime soon, but eventually we would like to get married.  We want to focus on school and graduating and getting a good job.  We need to focus on how we will support all of our lives.  
Teddy: Are you getting any help from friends and family?
Bristol:  I am getting help from most of my family, but not my friends.  Levi is very supportive in this pregnancy, and he is oh so wonderful and caring.  Even with my mother, Sarah Palin, running for vice president, I still get a lot of support from her.  I know she is busy, but she wants to keep a good eye on me and make sure me and the baby are healthy.  
Teddy: How did you tell your parents?
Bristol: Oh gosh, I had no idea what to do. Me, my best friend, and Levi sat my parents down one afternoon.  We made my sisters go upstairs. I was so sick to my stomach that I could not say a word.  My friend just blurted it out.  
Teddy: How did they react?
Bristol: My parents were scared and in shock.  They made us sit down and figure out a game plan.  
Teddy: Did you tell Levi's parents right away?
Bristol:  We told them the next day. His mom said we need to make a plan. She was pretty excited though.
Teddy: Do you regret having the baby?
Bristol: I do not regret having Trip because he brings so much joy to all of our lives.  I do wish that this happened ten years from now though.  I wanted to finish school and get a job so I can support my family.  
Teddy: What happened at school?
Bristol: It happened during the summer, and school had just gotten out.  I just wanted to focus on an education and finish school.
Teddy: Did you pay attention to what the media said?
Bristol:  I honestly did not pay attention to anything bad they said.  My family is strong.  
Teddy: Did you read any of the tabloids?
Bristol: Yes I did. Some people do not know what they are talking about and they are just evil.  People thought that it was not my choice to have the baby. They thought it was my mother's choice.  It doesn't matter what my mom's views are on it, it is all my decision.  
Teddy: What's your mother's role? Does your mother take care of him?
Bristol: I mostly take care of the baby, except when I am at school. Everyone helps out. My grandma is a huge help with the baby.  Piper, my little sister, helps out a lot.  She gets bottles and diapers for Trip.  
Teddy: Do you know how to raise a child?
Bristol:  Well yeah, I have been babysitting my whole life.  
Teddy: Do you ever think it is too much for you and do you get tired?
Bristol: Ummm there are a few times that I have thought that, but its a lot of work.  I am just thankful that he is helpful and happy. It is not glamorous at all, but it is worth it.  Your priorities change after having a baby.

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